Piano Chords: SLASH CHORDS

In this piano tutorial, let's talk about SLASH CHORDS! These are such an awesome way to write chords...

Every slash chord contains two bits of information. The letter on the left side of the slash tells us what chord to play in our right hand. The 2nd letter, on the right-hand side, tells us what the bass note is, or what note we should play with our left hand.

For example, A/C# simply means, play an A major chord in your right hand along with the note C# in your left.

Slash chords such as Amaj7 / B are a simple way to write complex chords. Technically, this chord would be a Bsus13, but seeing a slash chord makes it much easier for us to know what we should be playing.

Don't worry about the technical names when starting out, just practice playing the chord over the given bass note and you're all good to go!