Piano Chords: Major 7th, Minor 7th & Dominant 7th

In this lesson, you're going to learn about some very important chords, 7th chords! I also show you a quick and easy method to construct ANY seventh chord in ANY key.

Triads are chords made of up 3 notes, 7th chords are made up of 4 notes. Therefore we just need to add one extra note to a triad in order to construct a 7th chord.

The reason it is called a 7th chord is because we are adding the seventh note from the scale to the chord.

In order to construct a major 7th, play a major triad and add the 7th. To construct a minor 7th, play a minor triad and add the flattened 7th. To construct a dominant 7th, play a major triad and add the flattened 7th.

A good trick is to think of a major 7th as a '3-2-3' chord, a minor 7th as a '2-3-2' chord and a dominant 7th as a '3-2-2' chord. Use this trick to help work out these chords in any key.

Lesson Summary:

  • Understand why 7th chords are called 7th chords
  • See how you can turn triads into 7th chords
  • Learn the different between major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7
  • Go through it in a few different keys

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