Piano Chords: Major & Minor

In this video, you're going to learn a simple and efficient method to build ANY major and minor chord on the piano. The idea is to count the notes in half-steps. Doing this allows us to count the notes between each note.

For example, a major chord plays the root note, skips 3 notes, plays the next note, skips 2 notes and plays the next note. So the first skip is 3 and the second skip is 2. Therefore we can call major chords "3-2" chords. This applies to ALL major chords.

To construct a minor chord we need to reverse this, so we need to play a "2-3" chord. An easy way to remember this is because the first skip of the minor chord is small, and minor & small can mean a similar thing.

Lesson Summary:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the method
  • See some examples in various keys
  • Apply it to both major and minor chords

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