Learn 4 Chords & Instantly Be Able To Play Hundreds Of Songs

In this lesson, you're going to learn one of the most common chord progressions that exists!

It is constructed from four chords which you will be able to find it hundreds, if not, thousands, of songs. In the key of C, the chords are as follows: C - G - Am - F

Practice playing around with these chords to really get them under your fingers. You should practice them in different inversions around the piano. Once you are comfortable with the chords, you can add some groove and rhythm. Start by playing each chord and count 4 beats for each one. Then you can begin adding in different patterns such as split chords and arpeggios.

Watch the full video for more tips and tricks!

Also, check this video where a funny band demonstrate how many songs are written using this chord progression. Click here to watch it.

Lesson Summary:

  • Get an explanation of what this chord progression is all about
  • Breakdown of each individual chord
  • Put the chord progression together
  • Learn about inversions & apply some rhythm
  • Wrap up with some more tips & tricks

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