How To Remember ANY Chord Progression Forever

In this piano tutorial, I'm going to show you some really cool exercises to help you remember ANY chord progression... forever!

We do this by creating chord tone exercises based on the chord progression we are trying to remember.In the first chord tone exercises, play the voicings in the left hand whilst playing UP the chord tones in the right hand. In the second exercise, do the same thing but play DOWN the chord tones.In the final exercise, play the chords in the left hand and improvise using the chord tones in the right hand. The rules are as follows:

1. You must only play 1 note per beat (unless there are multiple chords in the bar)

2. You must never jump past a chord tone, this means you can't jump all around the keyboard.

Doing these exercises will allow your brain to see these chord progressions from so many different angles and perspectives. It genuinely makes it REALLY hard to forget the chords once you've repeated this exercise enough times.