Chord Of The Month #3

It's that time of the month... Episode 3 of Chord of the Month!

In this episode, we are looking at a voicing for a dominant 7 (#9) chord. This is such a hip piano chord and it used in genres such as R&B, neo-soul & jazz.

The chord consists of the root note down on the bottom, along with the 3, 7 and #9 up in the right hand.

As with all dominant chords, this voicing creates tension which wants to be resolved to the 5th below.

It's worth practicing this voicing in several different keys and also make an effort to substitute standard dominant 7 chords for this one.

Lesson Summary:

  • Intro & demonstration of the chord
  • Step-by-step breakdown of the voicing
  • Explanation of the tension-resolve concept
  • See the chord being used in context
  • Quick run-through in a couple of different keys

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