Chord Of The Month #1

Welcome to the first ever episode of 'Chord of the Month'!

In this lesson, we take a look at a voicing for a minor chord. It is a VERY commonly used chord and once you learn it, you will hear it everywhere!

It consists of the b7, 9, b3 and 5. A little trick to quickly construct this chord in any key is to begin with a minor triad, and then replace the root note with the 2 notes either side, a tone away. For example, play a C minor triad and then replace the note C with a Bb and D.

You can use this voicing in so many situations, in pop, jazz, funk - you name it! It's such a versatile chord so it's worth ingraining it!

Lesson Summary:

  • Intro & demonstration of the chord
  • Step-by-step breakdown of the voicing
  • Learn a little trick to help remember the chord
  • Quick run-through in a couple of different keys
  • See the chord being used in context

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