Check Out This Major Chord!

In this piano tutorial, you're going to learn a seriously cool voicing for a major chord. It's a major 13 chord and can be used to replace pretty much any standard major chord. You can use it to take your chord progressions to the next level!

In the left-hand, we have the 1st, 5th and 7th. In the right-hand, we have the 3rd, 13th and 9th. However, this isn't the most efficient way to remember the chord since that's just a load of numbers!

The best way to learn this chord is to master the left-hand part, and then build a stack of 4ths on the top of this with the right hand.

Remembering the chord this way makes it much quicker and easier to construct it in all 12 keys.

Lesson Summary:

  • Hear what the chord sounds like
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the voicings
  • Learn a simple trick to help remember it in all 12 keys
  • Run through it in a few different keys

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