5 Licks Inspired By THE LICC

In this video, I'm demonstrating the power of going DEEP with just one lick, rather than attempting to learn hundreds of licks.

And what better way to do that is there than using THE LICC as an example?

By spending the time to truly internalize a lick, transpose it to other keys, practice it within different contexts and coming up with variations - you'll be SO much better off compared to watching a bunch of YouTube videos and scratching the surface of 100 licks.

If you went through this process with just 5 licks, you'd be much better off than the guy who just scratches the surface of 500 licks.

Let me know in the comments which variation is your favourite! (And yes, you're allowed to prefer the original licc 😉)

Lesson Summary:

  • Understand the power of going DEEP
  • Learn 5 variations of the licc
  • Choose your favourite!

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