3 Ways To Play a Major 251

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In this piano tutorial, I am going to show you 3 different ways to play a major 251 chord progression. We're going to be using a variety of voicings including rootless voicings, big two-handed chords & some altered harmony.

The first way I show you is a pretty bog standard way of voicing a 251. This will be very useful for things such as comping, soloing over and playing jazz standards.

The second way is similar to the first, except that we introduce some altered harmony in the dominant chord. This method is especially good for soloing over since it builds a huge amount of tension.

The third and final way makes use of big, two-handed voicings. We use some altered harmony again and we also make use of the famous Kenny Barron voicing.

It's definitely worth transposing these into some different keys to help you internalize them.