3 Pentatonic Licks Every Improviser Should Know

In this piano tutorial, I'll be showing you how to play 3 of my favourite pentatonic licks which you can add into your improvisation.

These licks are quite short but this means they are much more versatile. You should practice them by coming up with variations of them, playing them over different chord progressions and putting them together in new and creative ways.

These riffs are from my brand new course: The Lick Library. This is exclusively available to PianoPig members over in the Academy, so if you'd like access to rest of this lick pack and loads of others - come and join us!

Lesson Summary:

  • Go through each lick step-by-step and learn how to play them
  • Practice them over a backing track
  • See them be put into context and played in new and creative ways

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